Friday, April 2, 2010

Bandit goes on an adventure to the feed store - again

Because Scout got to go on an adventure with Mommy yesterday to the credit union, I got to go to the feed store today. I had to help Mommy pick out a new waterer for those cranky chickens.

We went to a different place but it's the same store. I'm confused. It has all the same stuff and has the same name but everything is in different places and there are different people there. So I spent some time sniffing and eating all of the extra dog food that fell on the floor and making myself at home while Mommy picked out a waterer.

Then we were going to look at the bunnies but they had a sign that said No dogs in the bunny area! Mommy says that's so the dogs don't scare the bunnies.

That's OK. Mommy probably would have bought a bunny and then Daddy would have had to take away her car keys so she can't go out of the house any more.

The nice lady at the counter gave me biscuits, but at this feed store they do not have a biscuit buffet like at the other feed store. Everyone there was super nice and they thought I was so cute. Hahahaha! They didn't believe that I am a giant pain in the tail to Mommy! I'm such a good faker.

Then I helped the lady at the checkout. "Price check on aisle eleventeen!"

I think if I had to get a job for real (not just a job for April Fools) I could work at the feed store. Look, I know how to work at the cash register. "Good morning, ma'am. Did you find everything you were looking for? Can I interest you in a bunny?"

We did not go to Tim Hortons. That's OK because it was hot out and I wanted to go right home and get a cold drink. Plus, Mommy went to Tim Hortons earlier in the morning, and guess what? She finally won something! A free coffee! I guess my letter to Mrs. Tim Hortons worked!

So that was my adventure. The chickens like their new waterer and it does not leak. I got out of the house. And we are all getting read to take our afternoon nap.


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