Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bandit's adventure to the bookstore

Today was my day to have an adventure with Mommy. Momy said that if she didn't get out of the house she was going to fall asleep or eat a whole pan of brownies. Or both.

So we took a long ride in the car and went to the used bookstore to see Mike the book man.

Mike's bookstore is filled with eleventy four gazillion books. There were books on shelves and books on tables and books in bags. Books from floor to ceiling!

Mommy spent a lot of time sitting on the floor looking through stacks of books, and when she couldn't find one, she asked Mike. And he knew right were everything was, even though none of the books were in order.

These are books that other people used to own and then traded to Mike the book man. That means that the books are all filled with very interesting smells.

I spent a lot of time sniffing. Sniffing and sniffing and sniffing books that smelled like people and food and other dogs and all sorts of sniffy things. I sniffed a few people who came into the store but mostly it was just me, Mommy and Mike in the store. I sneaked away from Mommy a couple of times and went behind Mike's desk to see what he was eating. But mostly I just sniffed around to see if there were any tasty books Mommy should bring home.

Then I laid down and took a nap till we were done. Mommy said I was a very, very good boy.

After we came home, me and Scout and Mommy sat outside in the sunshine. Mommy read a book and me and Scout just slept like two lazy old dogs who have learned not to bark so they don't have to hear a scary noise. It was a great adventure.

You should go to the bookstore sometimes. It's nice to sniff books. It's important to read. And the computer doesn't smell or taste as good as a nice paper book.


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