Saturday, April 24, 2010

We love Buddy Biscuits

Mommy brought us home some new biscuits this week. They're called Buddy Biscuits and we love them!

Mommy likes them because they are made in the USA from all natural ingredients. No crunched up bones from old animals and no artificial anythings. Plus, the people who make Buddy Biscuits give part of their biscuit money to charity.

Who cares about all that stuff? Me and Scout like them because they taste great! We got the Sweet Potato Madness kind.

These biscuits are shaped like gingerbread men. Mommy likes that they are easy to break in half. She usually splits biscuit treats for us because we eat a lot of them and she doesn't want us to get fat. Sometimes I get the gingerbread man's head and sometimes I get his feet. But they both taste great.

So ask your Mommy to try some Buddy Biscuits. Mommy says they are a little bit more expensive, but she says that it's worth the extra pennies to make sure we eat good stuff and support companies that are in the USA.

You can visit the Buddy Biscuit website and see what other good stuff  they make. Mommy says to tell you that she bought her box of biscuits at Wegmans grocery store and they weren't much more than our regular biscuits.


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