Friday, April 2, 2010

A Letter to Mrs. Tim Hortons

Dear Mrs. Tim Hortons,

Me and my big brother Scout love to go to your house for coffee and donut holes, but we were wondering how come you never invite us to come in? Your husband Mr. Tim Hortons or one of his helpers always has to hand us our coffee out the kitchen window. That isn't very polite to invite a friend over for coffee and then not let them come in.

Mommy says dogs aren't allowed in your dining room because dogs are dirty and stinky and germy and not everyone likes dog hair and dirt in their food.

That's too bad. Maybe you should not worry about having germs so much. It wrecks your fun. Germs aren't so bad. It's worms that you have to worry about.

Do you think you could tell Mr. Tim Hortons that the next time we come over for coffee he needs to give Mommy her coffee in a cup with a rim that rolls up to win? Since you have three million gazillion prizes to give away she might as well get one. She would really like a new SUV so she can take us with her on trips and not have to stuff us in the back seat. But she would be happy with free coffee and donuts, too.

Anyway, keep making those great donut holes and coffee! Even if we can't come into your house, we still love coming to visit!


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