Friday, April 30, 2010

Scout is the Mystery Barf champ - and he didn't even throw up!

Last night Mommy slept in the regular bed and Daddy slept in the snoring bed, so me and Scout split up. I slept with Mommy and Scout slept with Daddy.

This morning, before God cracked open the sky so the sun could come out to play, Mommy woke up fast and said, Bandit, did you just throw up?

Not me, Mommy. I'm sleeping right here on your feet.

So she jumped out of bed and ran to the snoring bedroom and said, Did Scout just throw up? Daddy woke up and said, NO.

Gee, Mommy said, I thought I heard Scout throw up. I must have dreamt it.

Hahaha,  Mommy! That's hilarious! You were dreaming and Scout threw up in your dream so you woke up!

Maybe it wasn't a dream. Maybe it was a ghost puppy! Yup, it was a ghost puppy who threw up. The ghost puppy is also the one who keeps eating your slippers and taking all of the plastic containers out of the cupboards and drinking your tea when you turn your head.

Ta da! The ghost puppy did it!

Since we were up already, me and Scout went out and did potty and then we all went back to bed.

But Scout gets all of the Mystery Barf points today because he made Mommy get up and worry about him - and he didn't even have to barf to do it!


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