Monday, April 19, 2010

Me and Scout get to play at Aunt Rene's house

Mommy took me and Scout to Aunt Rene's today so we could run around her ginormous backyard and play with the kids.

Mommy was worried about me because I've never been around too many little kids before, and sometimes I get excited and get jumpy or I nibble fingers when I take food out of people's hand.

But I was a very, very good boy. I let the kids pet me and I ate some leftover pizza off the outside table so Aunt Rene didn't have to clean it up and I ran around the yard until my tongue didn't want to stay in my mouth any more.

Scout had a great time, too. Aunt Rene has a lot of grass in her backyard and we got run and run and run and run and chase the ball and run some more. It was great. The kids were very excited to see us! Look at these picture:

This is me and AJ, Aunt Rene's little baby. Hey, I'm Mommy's baby, too!

This is AJ's big brother Paul. He's Aunt Rene's big boy, and Scout is Mommy's big boy!

And do you know what the greatest part was? I was such a good boy with the kids that Mommy said Hey Bandit, maybe you would like to take the therapy dog test so you can go to school and see the kids.

I might like that.

I can't wait to go back to Aunt Rene's and run around on her soft, squishy grass.


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