Monday, April 12, 2010

Mommy is home from #BlogPaws!

Mommy came home from BlogPaws last night and doggone it, we were very happy to see her!

First, Scout got love time with Mommy as soon as she got in the house. Then Mommy let me out of my crate and I was a rocket dog to see her!

After we got done welcoming her home, we helped her unpack. Me and Scout found a great toy from our favorite toymaker Fat Cat Toys in her suitcase. It was a snake with a water bottle inside and it was crunchy and noisy. Me and Scout had a fight over it so I took it outside and ran and ran and Mommy couldn't catch me so I got to keep it.

Then Scout found a tug toy Mommy won from Purrfect Play and we fought over that. Mommy won and gave it to Scout.

Then Murphy got his cat nip toy from Purrfect Play, and he really liked it a lot. So I stole it from him. Mommy took it away from me because it would be a good toy for me to get stuck in my belly and then have to go visit Dr. Simon Kirk at the hospital to have him take pictures of my guts. And we're still paying for the last pictures he took of my guts. So Murphy didn't get a toy.

Then I chewed a hole in the new Fat Cat Toy and Mommy took it away. It lasted a whole half hour! After that, I chewed the tug toy and Mommy took that away, too.

So now we are toyless but we had fun for a while. We ate some biscuits she brought home and nosed around in her briefcase.

We are happy Mommy is home. She took us to the park today to play and we went for a walk. But she needs a nap. She's tired!


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