Friday, April 30, 2010

Bandit's letter to Aunt Jackie, who is in the hospital with lumpy blood

Dear Aunt Jackie, I am sorry that you have to be in the hospital because you have lumpy blood.

Mommy says they are taking out your blood so they can do experiments on it. Don't be scared! But you should know that they are probably going to put some secret stuff in your blood before they put it back into your body. So you might go home with super powers!

It's a big responsibility to have superpowers. But it is also fun. When I had to go to the hospital after I ate Mommy's inhaler, they made me wear a lampshade on my head and then they took out all of my blood and did experiments on it, too. But now I can talk to people with my mind. Super Electro Dog! Ta da!

I hope your superpower is flying and not seeing through walls. I wouldn't want to see strangers in the bathroom. Blech.

Mommy says that if you are bored we can come and visit! It'll be great! I will come and sleep over and chew up your slippers and put dirty paw prints all over your couch and bark at Goliath. That will make you not think about your lumpy blood any more.

Get better soon! Say hi to the doctors for me! I hope they don't make you wear a lampshade on your head.


PS: Aunt Jackie, today is National Hairball Awareness Day. But we puppies say, Bring On The Barf! If you barf up a hairball, let me know! You get extra bonus Mystery Barf points if you barf in the hospital!

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