Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mommy meets my friend Bocci and a naked cat #BlogPaws

Mommy is having fun at BlogPaws and meeting lots of dogs, and I am very mad that she did not bring me with her. Boo on you, Mommy!

She got to meet my blog friend Bocci and he gave her lots of puppy love because Mommy misses us very much. Thanks for loving up our Mommy, Bocci! She gets lonely without us puppies.

Guess what else? Mommy met a naked cat! He doesn't have any hair at all! And he's not naked because his mommy brushed him bald, either. He came straight from God without any hair.

I asked Mommy how the kitty stays warm when he plays Incredible Snow Momster, and she said the kitty's mommy has a whole bunch of clothes for him. I hope she has some long underwear!

Anyway, Mommy said she has met a lot of nice people and she's having a great time. Without me. Which is not fair.

But she said if me and Scout and Murphy and Daddy have been good, she'll bring us home presents. Yeah for BlogPaws!!


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Bocci said...

Hi Scout and Bandit!
I hate to admit it, but your Mom really did have a good time at the BlogPaws conference! And I was pleased to meet her-she sat on the floor and petted me while my Parental Unit studiously took notes in the workshop they both attended.
Later, my Parental Unit left me in a room they called "Doggie Daycare" where I "acted out'-more on that later!
Thanks for the great post that included a picture of me! I'll put a link to it on my blog-please become a "Follower" when you get a chance!
Your Buddy,

Life With Dogs said...

It was great to meet your Mommy. I hope she'll bring you next year! We will haul Nigel along for the trip in 2011...

Anonymous said...

Oh goodie! Me and Bocci and Nigel can do shocking things in the day care!! HAHAHAHA!

Love Bandit