Friday, April 30, 2010

Bandit visits Pet Saver Superstore

Today Mommy and Scout went to the bookstore and Scout was adventured out, so I got to go with Mommy to the pet store!!

We went to Pet Saver Superstore. We love that store because everyone loves us and gives us biscuits.

Well guess what? They made a whole new store! It's pawesome!

They have new floors and lights and shelves and the stuff looks yummy and pretty.

Best of all, the people are still the nicest pet people in the whole world. They gave me biscuits and told me how handsome I was and let me sniff around behind the counter even though I wasn't supposed to. They sure are happy people who work there!

The bad news is that the store has a dog wash, which means that your mommy can take you there and soap you and drown you and dry you with the tornado and then brush you bald. But when you are done you can get a treat, so it ends up good.

And they have food and treats that are good for you but taste good, too! Mommy got some more Buddy Biscuits and some stuff to make our teeth clean (blech) and some more dog food and some worms for the chickens.

So today me and Scout both had adventures. And we also didn't get yelled at by Mommy's new birdhouse because we have learned that we are not supposed to bark in the backyard. But the front yard is bark city! Hahahaha!!


PS You can read what Mommy had to say about the store on her Examiner page. Did you know Mommy's a writer, too?

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