Friday, April 9, 2010

Mommy is on her way to BlogPaws again!

Mommy made two new friends in Baltimore, Kelly and Anthony, and they helped her get a ticket so she can be sure she'll get on the plane to get to BlogPaws.

She won't get there till after it starts and she'll miss some fun tonight - I hope she doesn't miss any monkey! - but she'll get there.

And guess what? Kelly has the very, exact same birthday as Mommy! The same month, day and year! And she only looks like she's 25, too! It must be because she smiles so much.

Anyway, thank you Kelly and Anthony for getting Mommy to her conference. I'll bet she cried. She does that sometimes. Now she can hurry up and come home. And bring presents.


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1 comment:

david said...

Honey, Murphy, Scout, and Bandit are glad you finally made it. Here's Bandits night so far. Where's mommy? Where's mommy? Where's mommy? Oh good supper time. Where's mommy? Where's mommy? Where's mommy? Gotta pee. Where's mommy? Where's mommy? Is that a crumb under the stove? WHERE IS MOM-MY?? We love you!!