Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Four days til BlogPaws!

In four days Mommy is going to BlogPaws.

She told Daddy that if her car worked, she might drive and take me with her! Her car doesn't work. But Grandma called last night and said she could use her car if Mommy wanted to drive.

Think about it, Mommy!

Mommy says that me and Scout are both sometimes good dogs to bring places. I am very good in the car; Scout is very good with people. She said between the two of us she has a perfect dog, so me and Scout said she should bring us both!

She said No thank you, puppies. I'll just bring myself this time. I need a break from you all. She is going to let Uncle Eric fly her on the giant plane.

Rats. But we still have a couple of days to get her to change her mind. It helps that we smell like a vacation at the beach after our baths. She likes hugging us and sticking her nose in our fur.

But I think Mommy is looking forward to sleeping in a big bed for a whole night without a dog on top of her.


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Bocci said...

Look forward to meeting you at Blogpaws! wish I could meet Scout and Bandit too, but maybe next time.

Joan and Bocci

Anonymous said...

Maybe next time! Take pictures!! Eat lots of food off of everyone's plates for us!!!

Love Scout and Bandit