Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mommy makes Scout and Bandit get jobs

Hi, everyone! Scout here!

Mommy has decided that me and Bandit cost her too much money so she made us both get jobs.

Bandit started his job today. He is working at the zoo herding penguins. The penguin tank has a giant hole in it so while the workers fix it, he will make sure no penguins escape. He can almost fit a whole chicken head in his mouth but penguins are bigger so those birds will be safe.

I got a job at the Pittsford Federal Credit Union. I am on on my coffee break right now so I thought I would tell you about it.

First I met my new bosses, Ms. Pati Falzone and Mr. Bill Martin. They are very nice. Mr. Martin is the top dog at the credit union!

Then I met some of my other coworkers. This is me and Mei Ling. She is nice and she let me practice making withdrawals from a Biscuit Club Account.

Then I got to work. This is me at my new desk. I had to ask for help. "Hey, Mei Ling! Someone wants to deposit a biscuit. What's the code for a Biscuit Club Account? I forgot already!"

Then I went to Tim Horton's for a donut on my coffee break.

And so that's what my day at my new job was like ... on APRIL 1st!!


Me and Bandit didn't have to get jobs!! We're outside right now, barking for Mommy to come out and play. It's all a big joke!!!

Except the part about Tim Hortons. After me and Mommy went to the credit union, we really did go to Tim Hortons for Tim Bits and coffee because she said I was such a good dog and let everyone play with me and I posed for silly pictures like a good boy.

And there really is a hole in the penguin tank at the zoo, but they would never hire Bandit to herd penguins. He would eat them.

We hope you have a funny April Fools Day!!! Trick your Mommy with a good trick!!!


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