Saturday, June 12, 2010

Arts and Crafts at the Funny Farm

Yesterday Mommy played arts and crafts with me and Scout. We are learning how to paint!

These are our creations. We both helped each other a little but our paintings are mostly our own creations.

This one is mine. I did a good job, didn't I?

This one is Scout's. He was having so much fun he ripped the paper, so I helped him to do that a little. He also had more blue paint on his picture but I licked it off.

Here Scout is checking his painting to make sure he likes it.

Here is how to paint with your puppies:

First get some paints. Mommy says Made in the USA paints!
Then put some paints on the paper.
Cover the paper with waxed paper or maybe plastic. We're still experimenting to see what works best.
Then let your puppy step on it or roll a ball over it or sniff it and fun stuff like that. Or if you are like us, jump on it and scratch it with your paws and put your teeth on the paper.
Let it dry.
Ta da! Puppy paintings!
Hang it up in a museum!

Bandit Picasso

PS did you know that our cousin Dali is named after a famous painter named Salvador Dali, who is her mommy's favorite artist? Just in case you didn't know.

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