Friday, June 18, 2010

Bandit goes to therapy dog school

So I had a BIG adventure today with Mommy. It was so big that last night I even had to have a bath to get ready for it.

First, Mommy and me went to the Pet Saver Superstore to get biscuits. I love that store and they love me there.

Then ... I went to school today to learn how to be a therapy dog like my big brother Scout!

Scout told me that it would be fun and there would be other dogs there and I would have a good time.

But it was just me and Mommy and Kathy the teacher today because the other dogs didn't show up. And Mommy and Kathy just talked and talked and I just sniffed and sniffed and explored because there was A LOT of great dog smells there.

Then I showed Kathy some of the stuff I know how to do, like sit and stay. I am very good at some of that stuff.

Then came a very not fun part. Mommy handed my leash to Kathy and then she left! She left me alone with Kathy! I was not happy. Kathy says I need to work on being able to be away from Mommy for three minutes. I didn't make 20 seconds today.

Anyway, next week we'll go to a different class with a lot of other dogs and I am very excited about that. Scout told me Kathy was the nicest dog lady he knows and he is right. I peed inside the building but Kathy said I still can come back to class.

When we got home, Mommy said I didn't have to be clean any more so ... you know what happened, don't you ... WATER DOG!! Me and Scout got soaking wet and filthy dirty and it was the best part of my whole week.

I think that instead of reading with dogs kids should play water dog with us. That would be good therapy.


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Bocci said...

Hi Bandit,
So glad you're learning to be a therapy dog!
That's what my Parental Unit wants me to do eventually...
I'll look forward to reading more of your adventures!
Your buddy,

Bandidt said...

Hi Bocci!! How are you? Have you eaten any good shoes lately? HAHA!

Scout is already a therapy dog. Every Tuesday he goes to read with Jason at school. Except they don't read. They talk and goof around. But the school people treat the dogs like VIPs - very important pups! - and Scout likes to go around and say hi to all of the secretaries and stuff. So I'm looking forward to that if I pass my test!

Mommy says to check out Therapy Dog International. That's what we do.

Your pal

Anonymous said...

It really helped. Thanks.