Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A bird dies in our yard

Today is a sad day at the funny farm.

Mommy took me and Scout to the park to play and when we got home we played some water dog for a while. Then Mommy saw a little baby bird in the dirt and it was struggling to get up. So she picked it up and put it in the grass to see if it's mommy would come for it.

Then she took us crazy dogs into the house while she got dressed to she could take the birdie to the special vet who takes care of little baby birdies who fall out of their nest. She got a little box and put in some paper towel.

But when she got back outside the little birdie was dead. Mommy was inside only for a few minutes, but Mommy said he was probably so hurt or sick that there wasn't anything we could do.

That makes me feel sad. We have a lot of birds in our yard, even though Mommy doesn't feed them much anymore because I eat all the bird seed that falls onto the ground and then I poop it out and it is not comfortable to poop out a bunch of bird seed, just in case you didn't know.

So our day started on a super fun note with the park and water dog, but then it was sad because a birdie died.

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