Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Being grounded is very boring

Mommy got a letter today from the health department that said I have to stay inside my house for 10 days because I bit the mailman. That's to make sure I don't have rabies, even though I've had all of my rabies shots.

Rats. Mommy thought that I could have friends over, but I am not supposed to play with other dogs or visit people or have people visit me. I'm probably not even supposed to talk to Abby at the fence.

Boo on being grounded. It's boring and lonely.

Your lonely puppy pal,

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Teresa said...

Can you still play Water Dog? Just wondering...

Bandit said...

Yup, we can play water dog. But Scout had to go to school yesterday to read with Jason, so he had to stay clean and dry. So no water dog. But today, God is going to play water dog from the sky so Mommy said we can go ahead and get wet and muddy. And Mommy has been playing catch with us a lot. But I'm still bored. I can't go for a walk and I can't go on car adventures.
Boo on being grounded.
AND I almost got in trouble again yesterday and it wasn't even my fault!!


Julie said...

ohh poor Bandit!!! That's too bad! Hope everything will be better and more exciting soon!!