Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bandit is ungrounded and in trouble already

Yay!! Today I am ungrounded!!

Mommy took me and Scout for a nice walk around town. We peed on a lot of trees and light posts because it's been 10 days since we did that and we don't want anyone to forget us.

The town pool is open now, so we wanted to go there and run up and down the fence and bark at the kids who were swimming. But Mommy said NO.

So we walked and peed and walked and peed and walked and peed.

And while Scout was peeing on a lightpost, I walked by Mommy and lifted my leg on her sneaker.

Just in case you didn't know, you are NOT supposed to potty on your Mommy. Because if you do, you will be in trouble. Again.

Rats again.

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tweetypie said...

Heehee now I C why u is N truble again HUGSxxxx


Bandit said...

I'm always in trouble. I don't try to be bad. Bad just happens whenever I'm around.