Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bandit meets some puppies who look just like him, and updates on therapy dog training

Before training class last night, which I will tell you about in a minute, me and Mommy went to our favorite pet store, Pet Saver Superstore in Greece.

And guess what? I met puppies that look like me! Except that are not related to me at all.

Their names are Dexter and Kyra and they are Australian Shepherds. The smaller puppy is Dexter. Aren't they pretty?

I met a lot of dogs in the pet store. It was Puppy Central.

After the pet store, me and Mommy went to visit Kathy for my therapy dog training. Last week, I was the only dog but we're in a new class now, and I am not the only dog.  But I am the odd ball dog.

There are three golden retrievers and they are all related. And there are three bull terriers and they are all related. And then there's me.

And except for Kathy's golden retriever and me, the other dogs are all intact. Mommy says that means they are all able to have or make puppies. Which means I'm also pretty much an oddball.

But that's OK, because I did really good in class last night! I obeyed and did the practice test and let Mommy go away for a whole minute. I even let Kathy use a brush on my butt and I didn't bite her.

So who knows? Maybe I will be a therapy dog after all!


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