Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hola, Senor Fluffy Butt!

Last night me and Scout both got to be Senor Fluffy Butts!

Senor Fluffy Butt is what happens when Mommy scratches and scratches the fur on our back legs and then our behinds and our tails until it is all fluffy and standing up all over. Then you are Senor Fluffy Butt!

I love a good Senor Fluffy Butt scratch but Scout doesn't usually like Mommy to rub his fur too much. But last night I told him to try it and he loved it!

It feels really great to have your legs and behind scratched like that. But it only works on dogs. Not on people.

Senor Fluffy Butt (haha, it's just me, Bandit!)

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