Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The mystery of the empty pool

A crime has been committed and me and Scout want to find the bad guy who did it.

Mommy was playing water dog with us this morning, and she set the sprinkler up to fill our pool. We got good and wet and then we shut off the water and went in the house for breakfast.

All afternoon we were inside and outside and inside and outside and inside and outside, but me and Scout were mostly barking at Kona and Killian so we didn't even look in the pool.

But at dinnertime, Mommy said, Hey guys! Where did all of the water go?

Me and Scout looked and eeeek!! Someone stole all of the water out of our pool!

Me and Scout talked about it and we don't know who could have taken all of that water without us knowing. We didn't see anyone with buckets and we don't think the chipmunks can drink that much.

Then Scout said that it must have been an elephant, because elephants can put a lot of water into their snouts and then snort it out later.

So we're on the lookout for the elephant who stole the water from our pool. He is probably a very tricky elephant, because he managed to steal the water from our pool without leaving footprints in the mud.

If you see him, please tell him to bring back the water because we want to play water dog. We will not tell the police or the circus about him.


PS: Mommy just told me and Scout that there is a hole in the pool and that the water leaked out. We think the elephant probably poked the hole with his tusk.

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