Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bandit reviews Tricky Trainers dog treats

Me and Scout love Mommy's job because she gets in stuff for us to try out and then tell people what we think. Our friends at Cloud Star sent Mommy some Tricky Trainers for us to try, because we are in love with their Buddy Biscuits.

Mommy wrote a nice review about them for, but I thought I'd tell you how me and Scout like them.


We get a lot of treats, usually if we're good dogs. The Tricky Trainers are the treats Mommy uses when she REALLY wants us to do something, or if we're learning a new trick. That's because they taste so fantastic that we are paying very close attention to her so we can find out what she wants us to do so we can get that special treat.

Scout uses the cheddar flavor at school; his reading buddy Jason says his hands smell like ham when he's done playing with Scout. Hahaha! But if Jason has a Tricky Trainer treat, Scout will sit nice.

Mommy takes the other flavors - salmon and liver - with her to the park when she lets us run around like wild maniacs. When we get too far, she calls, Treat! and we come flying back because we know we're getting a super delicious treat and not just a crunchy biscuit.

Mommy likes that they're wheat, corn and soy free and made in the good old USA. We just like how they taste!

So go get your dog some Tricky Trainers. They're better than hot dogs and healthier, too!

Mommy says you can go to the Cloud Star website and see more stuff from our Wag More Bark Less friends. (We have that bumper sticker on Mommy's car!)


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