Friday, June 4, 2010

Bandit didn't mean to nip the mailman

Uh oh. I did a really bad thing today. It's so bad I made Mommy cry.

Me and Scout were out playing in the backyard and we were running and playing and having a good old time. Then we saw the mailman coming so we ran to the fence to say hello.

It was not our regular mailman, Mike, so Scout was barking extra and I was jumping on the fence extra and barking extra and Mommy was just about to grab my collar to pull me off of the fence when the mailman reached over as I jumped up and oops. I kind of bit his arm.

I didn't mean to do it! Honest! It was an accident! I wasn't trying to be bad. Sometimes it just happens.

The mailman was reaching over the fence as I was jumping up. Mike the regular mailman never does that. He usually talks to Mommy for a minute while me and Scout sit, and then he gives her the mail.

This mailman was very mad that I got my teeth on his arm. And Mommy felt terrible that it happened. He left to go call his boss and Mommy went in to call the post office and let them know what happened. 

Then Mommy was crying and crying and crying so she called Dr. Hawkins because she didn't know what else to do.

And then she went down the street where the mailman was next to make sure he wasn't bleeding. I guess he has a couple of tooth marks on his arm but Mommy said it is not as bad as she thought. He will have a few tooth marks but they will not have to cut his arm off. He was nice when he saw Mommy crying and said it was OK but Mommy said it's not OK and she feels terrible.

It gets even badder. Now the dog policeman has to come over and talk to me and Mommy to see if I am a mean dog or not. Dr. Hawkins says they probably won't put me in dog jail since I didn't bite the mailman on purpose and I'm not an aggressive dog. I do not want to go to dog jail. I hope they see that I am not a mean dog.

Mommy also says they might not let me do therapy dog training because this goes on my permanent record.


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CJDoggirl said...

Oh no! Poor Bandit! Poor mailman! Poor Mom! This is confusing, I hope the mailman let's them know he thinks it's an accident too!! Maybe some neighbors will write letter to say your not 'dangerous". I am so sorry this happened to you and Mom.

Anonymous said...

The mailman said its not so bad and he doesn't need to go to the doctor and the dog warden said I do not have to go to jail. Phew. I just have to be grounded to my own yard for 10 days. Mommy says she feels a little better.

All my friends know I'm not mean. Just barky and jumpy!


Bocci said...

Oh my gosh, we all know you are not mean, Bandit. it sounds like you, Scout, and especially your Mommy need to have a nice big ice cream cone, or better yet, a Banana Split!
Hope you all feel better soon!
Your buddy,

Anonymous said...

Dear Bocci. Bandit is grounded from the computer and probably the ice cream place. Not only did he bite the mailman, he peed in Mommy's office.
He'll be back tomorrow!! But I can go have ice cream with Mommy!!

Your pal
Scout (the good dog)

Big Sky Monte said...

Oh, Bandit! I am so sorry for you and your Mommy! She's right, accidents to happen. I will testify for you at trial! I will bite the baliff for you! Oh, wait, that might not help. So I'll have momma say a little prayer instead. *hugs*

Bandit said...

Thanks Monte! I don't have to go to jail which is good because I would miss Mommy. But thanks for sticking up for me!!

I'm still grounded. Boo on that.

Your pal
BANDIT, the bored, grounded puppy