Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mommy takes Coco to the vet and the chickens are sick

Hi everyone. Bad news from the funny farm. The chickens are sick.

Mommy had to take Coco to see the doctor. It was not Dr. Hawkins or Dr. Braaten or even Dr. Herrema. They don't do medicine on chickens. So she had to find a different doctor. His name is Dr. Hall and he sees dogs and cats but also exotic pets, like monkeys. For real!

And guess what Mommy saw the vet's office? Two leopards!

Hahaha! Not real leopards. Did I fool you? Mommy saw a little Leopard Gecko named Godzilla. And she met this dog. His name is Pachacuti and he is a Catahoula Leopard Dog.

Mommy said he was a very nice dog. He sniffed Coco in her cage and then he kissed Mommy right on her lips!

Mommy talked to a lot of other people while she waited for eleventeen million hours. She talked to Rosco's daddy and the schnoodle's mommy. People thought it was funny that she had a chicken with her.

Then it was time for Coco to see the doctor. Dr. Hall didn't need to see all 8 hens which is good because they all wouldn't have fit in Murphy's cat carrier. Coco walked around in the examining room and made a big, gross poop right on the floor while she waited for the doctor. Blech. I'm glad I didn't get to go on this adventure.

The doctor gave Mommy some medicine for the hens so they should be better pretty soon.

Except it cost Mommy thirty-leven million dollars, Plus it cost forty-leven million dollars for me to go to the vet last week. So we have cost Mommy and Daddy a whole lot of money lately. It's a good thing they love us to much.

I am still grounded. Just in case you wanted to know.


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