Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The mailman strikes again and Mommy takes a picture of the jailbird dogs

You are not going to believe what happened yesterday. I almost got in big trouble again.

Mommy and Scout weren't home and Daddy was outside working on the chicken coop, so I was just hanging around the driveway waiting for Mommy to come home.

Then the mailman came. So I barked. And instead of putting the mail on the porch where he's supposed to put the mail from now on, he came to the fence, leaned over, and put the mail on the mailbox, which is now on the ground waiting to get hung back up someplace safe away from dogs.

I was at the fence. He leaned over. So I jumped up to say hello and my teeth almost got on his face.

The mailman told Daddy that I almost bit him. When Daddy told Mommy she was MAD because if I accidentally bit the mailman we would have some big trouble. And it would have all been his fault.

So Mommy called his boss and tattled on him and asked that all of the mailmen stay far away from the dogs.

And to make sure, Mommy made a bunch of signs with arrows pointing to the mail box so they won't forget where to put the mail. And she also put these scary Beware Of The Dog signs on the fence.

Gee, do we look that scary? We just look like jailbird dogs. Boo on being grounded.


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tweetypie said...

That silly old postman, he almost got you in an fix my pal, Be careful an don't bitey anybody !


Bandit said...

I already bit the mailman last week. That's why I'm grounded. Boo on that.

Your pal