Saturday, June 5, 2010

Guess who's been peeing in the house?

Someone peed in Mommy's office yesterday, and since I peed in my crate this week, and pretended to pee a couple of times in the kitchen, everyone is blaming me.

I told Mommy and Daddy it is not me peeing! It's the ghost puppy!

Mommy's friends said she should take me to the doctor's to make sure I don't have in infection in my urine which is making me go potty in the house.

So she played water dog with me so I would fill up with water, and then she tried to stick a container under me to catch it when it came out. Except I didn't like it when she did that, so I would stop peeing after only a few drops.

She used Scout to show me how easy it was. When he pottied she caught it in the container. And guess what? His potty was a really funny color which made her wonder if maybe Scout was the one with the infected urine.

So she took my body and Scout's potty to see Dr. Herrema. (Dr. Hawkins has a day off; I hope she's playing water dog with her puppies!) I peed on the bushes and the nice girl who worked there caught it in a pan, and she gave it to Dr. Herrema so he could do experiments on both my pee and Scout's pee.

Here's what Dr. Herrema said.

Scout's pee was mostly normal, but he guessed that Scout holds his potty and doesn't go often enough, so that's why it was a funny color and has stuff in it. And Mommy said Yup. Sometimes Scout holds it from dinner to breakfast because he's afraid to go out in the dark.

Then Dr. Herrema said my pee was very watery, which means I drink a lot of water so I probably pee a lot. And even though Mommy didn't actually see me do it, if he had to guess who was peeing in the house, he would guess it's me.

Rats. Dr. Herrema tattled on me.

I think someone should experiment on the ghost puppy's pee just to make sure.


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