Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mommy new machine makes popcorn with magic

Yesterday Mommy brought home a machine that uses magic to make a special treat.

She put some little seeds into the top and plugged it in. You could hear the seeds jumping around inside because the machine got hot, and after a few minutes, grown up popcorn came out!

The machine sounded like the vacuum cleaner, so we were a little scared at first, but then we saw all of the fluffy popcorn jumping out and onto the floor and weren't scared any more.

We experimented with white popcorn seeds and with yellow popcorn seeds and we think the white popcorn tastes better. But the seeds make smaller fluffs than the yellow popcorn seeds. Mommy said that might be because the white popcorn seeds have been in the cupboard since Jesus was in his manger.

Anyway, you should try the magic popcorn making machine. It's fast and fun and your dogs can eat all of the popcorn that falls on the floor!


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Bocci said...

Sounds like a "poppin" good time, Scout and Bandit!

Hope you can stop by Bocci's Beefs and enter to win the
years free subscription to FIDO Friendly!

Your buddy, Bocci

Bandit said...

I commented! Pick me! Pick me!

Your pal,