Tuesday, May 25, 2010

6 ways to drive your mommy crazy

Hi paw pals! It's been too hot here to go outside and play. At least that's what Mommy said. We think she just wants to sit in front of the fan and read a book.

So me and Scout decided that we would make Mommy crazy so she would pay attention to us. Do you want to try it, too?

6 Ways To Drive Your Mommy Crazy

1) Follow Mommy everywhere she goes. Sit outside the bathroom door and bark while she goes potty or takes a shower.

2) Sit in the corner and bark at the wall. When Mommy asks what's wrong, move to another corner and bark there.

3) Steal Mommy's car keys from her purse. Chew on the black beepy thing until her car alarm goes off. Then run and hide her keys.

4) Open the kitchen cupboards, take out all of the plastic containers and lids, and spread them all around the house. Make sure you lick all of the pieces so Mommy has to wash them again.

5) Bark to go outside. When you get outside, sit at Mommy's feet for a minute and give her the "OK, now what?" look. Then bark to go inside.

6) Repeat #5 forty-leven times an hour.

Me and Scout promise that if you do these things your Mommy will not only pay attention to you, she will give you biscuits and take you for walks and play catch.


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