Saturday, May 15, 2010

Me and Mommy have tummy aches

I woke up Mommy during the night to tell her that I had a tummy ache and I needed her to take care of me. I didn't barf, but I did go outside a few times and finally I took a poop and felt a little better.

Mommy had a tummy ache too, so after she helped me feel better she stayed up reading a book because she thought she was going to barf. But she didn't.

Finally she turned off the light and me and Scout laid down right on top of her and stuck our noses in her face and we all went back to sleep.

Me and Mommy feel a little bit better this morning, except Mommy didn't eat her breakfast because it made her feel sick again. She let Scout eat her oatmeal.

She said her barfy tummy is coming from her achy head. I don't know how an ache in your head can make your tummy hurt. I usually have a tummy ache when something in my tummy is trying to get out. But I guess that's what makes mommies and puppies different. Mommies have heads that hurt in their tummies.

I had rice and a nice scrambled egg for breakfast and I feel great enough to go bark at my friends.  But I have a feeling today may be big nap day for everyone.


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