Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We have a murder mystery in the back yard

Yesterday, Mommy found a dead bird in the driveway. She said it was a baby bird that either fell out of his nest or was stolen by one of the dirty crows who are hogging all the seeds in the birdfeeder because crows steal baby sparrows and eat them for lunch.

Well, Daddy was home today and he found another dead bird in the driveway. And then he found another one, and he thought I killed them both!

He thought there was a bird's nest in the garage and that I was taking the babies out of their nest. So he told me to go into the garage and show him the baby birds.

Daddy, I know you are a smart man, but maybe you didn't know that birds live in trees. It's chipmunks that live in the garage.

I can't climb the tree to the bird's nest so I took him into the garage to show him where the chipmunks live. Daddy said Aha! And then he went into the house and told Mommy that he thinks I murdered two baby birds.

I'm sad that Daddy thinks I would kill baby birds. Daddy! I am not a birderer!

OK, one time I did catch a pigeon in my mouth. But I didn't kill him. I just wanted to show Mommy the pretty bird I found. Plus I was just a puppy and I didn't know any better.

And there was the time the chicken put its head in my mouth. That was not my fault.

I would not kill a bird. I wouldn't even kill a chipmunk. Although if I caught him I would have to whack him on the head and tell him to stop making all that racket in the rain pipes.

Daddy looked all over the garage and he can't find a bird's nest. But he did find where the chipmunks are tearing up stuff. Ha, Daddy! See, I told you birds don't live in the garage.

I don't know who the birderer is but it is NOT me.


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