Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mommy Day!

Today is Happy Mommy Day, the day that you are supposed to do stuff to make your mommy happy.

Scout said that Mommy would be happy if we didn't wake her up at 6:30 in the morning to go potty, so I woke her up at 4 instead! Wasn't that nice of me?

Then we gave her a card that Daddy helped us pick out. It was a funny card with two puppies arguing about who loved their mommy more and then they get into a fight. Hahaha, it's hilarious!

I tried to help Mommy do some laundry but when I brought the dirty clothes down to the living room Daddy said that was not a nice thing to do. I guess mommies like doing all of the laundry themselves.

Then Mommy, me and Scout went to visit our Mommy's mommy - Grandma! - while Daddy went to visit his mommy, Nana. We brought Grandma a pretty plant and one for Daddy to take to his mommy, too.

Other than the dog food store, Grandma's house is the happiest place to go because that's where Dali is sometimes. And there's are lots of dog toys and food and stuff. And Grandma lets us jump on the couch and eat the left over dog food and kiss her lots. And Grandma has the biggest yard in the world and me and Scout just ran and ran and visited the neighbors.  It was great!

You should know that if you have a good Mommy she probably had a good mommy, too. And our Mommy is great because we have the greatest Grandma ever in the history of Grandmas!

After we got done making Grandma happy, we went home and Mommy took a nap. She napped for like forty eleven hours but I kept poking my nose in her eye to tell her, You don't have to worry about us, Mommy! We're being good puppies while you nap!

Mommy finally woke up and washed the dishes and now Daddy is ordering us pizza and wings and we're going to keep making Mommy happy until bedtime. I am going to sing her her favorite song, too.

I hope you made your mommy as happy as we made our Mommy today on Happy Mommy Day! Don't forget to tell your mommy that you love her!


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