Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rover was a bad, bad boy

Dear Rover,

Me and my brother Scout are spokesdogs for Faceless International. We help teach people about human trafficking and modern slavery.

Our friend Lori told me about your radio show and how you and your friends were joking about how great it would be to buy your own sex slave. I don't think that's a very funny joke.

Girls who are sex slaves are forced to do terrible things that they do not want to do. They are taken from their mommies and get sold like puppies, but they are not even treated as good as puppies.

Human trafficking hurts other people very badly and it's not a polite thing to joke about. We are supposed to love each other and protect each other, not hurt each other.

Rover, you should know that as a dog with a radio show you have a lot of responsibility to be a good role model for other puppies and people. And I think you stunk up the airwaves with that joke.

If you want, me and Scout can give you some information about human trafficking so you can learn more about how bad it is. Just give us a bark and let us know!

Your pal,

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