Friday, May 21, 2010

Mommy feels icky and Bandit's worms are gone

So after Mommy took us to the park the other day, when Scout swam in the fountain, she went home and chopped up some trees. And the next morning, she woke up and her eye was all poofed up and she had a weird bite mark next to her eye. So she went to the doctor, who said Gee, I don't know what bit you.

Mommy got bit by a mystery bug.

The doctor said she thought it looked a teeny bit infected so she gave Mommy some antibugs medicine. Then, just for fun, she shot Mommy in the arm with something called a tetnus shot because Mommy didn't have one of those in a long while and the doctor thought that would be a nice surprise.

But the doctor didn't have to give Mommy flea or worm medicine. Which is good.

Well, today, Mommy got up and said she was feeling icky. She was too icky to take us for a walk but not too icky to go to the credit union.

When she came home she said, I feel like a bus ran me over. She looked pretty good for being ran over by a bus. Then we got it. Mommy is sick! God turned up her inside furnace a little bit so she has a fever and she hurts all over and she is one tired out Mommy.

The bad news for Mommy is that she will probably feel icky today and maybe tomorrow.

The good news is that I do not have worms any more. Yay for me! I hope my worms didn't leave me and go into Mommy. That would be bad. Can you give your Mommy worms if you drink from her teacup?

Hey. Do you think you could come over and play with me and Scout? We need some running around time and I'm tired of emptying out the tupperware cupboard.


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