Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bandit writes another letter to Bo Obama about how much a dog costs

Dear Bo,

Howdy, paw pal! How are you? How are book sales going since my last letter?

I saw a story in the news yesterday that your daddy the President had to tell the country how much you were worth. And he said $1600.

Bo, is that the regular price the farmer charged or the discounted price? Because you'd think the farmer would have given Old Senator Kennedy a discount since you already went through one family before you moved to the White House.

It's nothing to be ashamed of. Me and my brother Scout were both discounted leftover puppies. How much you cost isn't important. It's how much you are loved.

Are you getting enough love at the White House? We never see you with your daddy the President. Our Mommy takes us with her all the time because life is just more fun with a dog or two at your side. Maybe he doesn't want to get dog hair on Air Force One or he's afraid you'll eat his Blackberry?

By the way, if you ride on Air Force One, do they let you ride in the regular part of the plane or do they stuff you in with the suitcases? Because I heard about this dog Paco who got lost at an airport in Mexico because the airplane people made him ride with the suitcases instead of inside with his daddy. Boo on that, Bo. Hopefully you get to ride in the nice part of the plane and eat kibble on gold plates with the rest of the family.

I hope those two nice little girls give you gazillion amounts of love every day. If not, you can come and live with us and our cat brother and our chickens. We get loved a lot over here.

So I also see that your daddy the President makes forty-leven gazillion million dollars a year. Do you think he might be willing to share some of those dollars? Mommy went to the Rochester city animal shelter yesterday because she wants to volunteer there. And they could really use some dollars to buy dog food and stuff. Maybe your family would like a cat? They have a lot of cats who need families.

Anyway, let me know when you want me and Scout to come over and have a pawjama party in good ole Abe Lincoln's bedroom. We promise to get baths first so we don't mess up the sheets on his bed.

Your friend!!

PS - Hey, Bo! Mommy just told me that Abe Lincoln is dead, and so is Senator Kennedy. Gee, that's too bad. But guess what? I met a lady the other day who says she can talk to dead spirits. So maybe we can invite old Abe to the pawjama party in his bedroom and also ask Senator Kennedy if he got a price break from the farmer.

Bark to you later!

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