Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When writers aren't sure what to write about

For a while, I said "this blog had moved," and directed people to the Notes from the Funny Farm blog.

But then I realized - sometimes I just want to write about writing, and whine about being lazy or not having ideas. And that doesn't really mesh well with stories about dogs, cats, and chickens.

So guess what. I'll keep this blog up and running. If for no other reason than everyone needs a place to whine.

[NOTE: this post was supposed to be on MY blog but I mixed up and posted it here. - Mommy]

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Teresa said...

You (and Bandit) should never stop writing! It's A Dog's Life is the 1st Blog I look to in the mornings - you always make my day and Bandit is HILARIOUS!

Joanne Brokaw said...

You are SOOOO kind! Wow, I guess I'd better make sure Bandit gets writing!!! This post was actually supposed to go on my Writer's Life blog but as I perpetually confused it ended up here.

Love Mommy (aka Joanne)