Monday, May 31, 2010

The ghost puppy was bad again and Bandit likes Sprite

Mommy went to have lunch with her friend Carole today and then she went shopping. When she got home, she said, Gee it's stinky like dog pee in this house. And guess what? It's because someone peed in my crate!

I tried to tell Mommy that Scout did it. But Mommy said that I was locked inside the crate and Scout was locked out of the crate, so she knew he didn't do it. Gee, maybe the ghost puppy was here again.

Don't tell her, but it was me. I couldn't help it! We played water dog and I drank forty-leven gallons of water and peed eleventeen times before she even left.  But I still has some in there. I'm going to let her think the ghost puppy did it.

So then we went outside and I ate some grass and barfed. That was fun. And then Cassie came over and she and Mommy decided to go to Schallers to have a hamburger. So back into the crate I went. I barked.

And ta da! Mommy came back and got me! She said if I was going to barf again she wanted to see what was going to come up besides grass. Scout didn't come because Mommy said she only had one nerve left so she could only take one puppy.

So at Schallers, Mommy thought one of the drinks Cassie got was water, so she poured it into my water bowl. But it wasn't water. It was something called Sprite.

Sprite is fizzy water with sugar and ice cubes and no caffeine. So Mommy said I could go ahead and try it. Sprite is good stuff. It made my tongue icy cold and it tickled my nose. And it went great with the sweet potato french fries I ate.

So there you go. I was a bad dog and I still got to have a big adventure with Mommy and Cassie, all by myself.

I'm a lucky dog.


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