Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dylan is having a cranky day

Dear Dylan, Mommy said she went to your house to visit and that you were having a cranky day.

I'm sorry you're a cranky pants today. It's too bad you are a little baby still and hooked up to that stupid robobaby machine and you can't tell your mommy if you feel sick or if your new teeth hurt or if your hungry or just plain bored. I guess all you can do is whine and hope they figure out what you want.

I know how you feel. Sometimes I'm a cranky tail, too. I bark at Mommy and nudge her arm and I woof at the door but when I get outside I don't really want to be out there either. I chew stuff and lick the dishes in the sink and steal her shoes and she still doesn't understand what I want.

Usually when I feel cranky like that I take a big poop and then I feel a lot better. Maybe you should try and do a big poop and see if that makes you feel not so cranky any more.

Next time I'll make Mommy bring me with her when she comes to visit and we can eat a book together.


PS: Mommy says I should show you a picture of Dylan. This is from his first birthday party a few weeks ago.  My grandma gave him a book about Nemo the fish and Dylan likes to eat it. The book, not the fish.

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