Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bandit goes to the Rochester Pet Expo

Today I had a super big ginormous adventure. Mommy and Daddy took me to the Pet Expo!

Scout didn't get to come and that's all Daddy's fault. Mommy said she didn't think she could take two dogs by herself, so if Daddy came he would have to watch Scout. And Daddy said he wanted to come but he didn't think Scout would enjoy it so he should stay home.

What's not to enjoy! Friends, treats, and lots and lots of smells!!

I met a lot of dogs there. Some were little, some were giant, some were in baby carriages.

I met one super duper nice dog whose mommy couldn't hear with her ears, just like Dr. Dodge at the hospital! 

The mommy's friend could hear with her eyeballs, so she would see what Mommy and Daddy's lips were saying and then she would use her hands to talk to her friend. Mommy said that it is finally about time she learns how to talk with her hands because she doesn't like when she isn't able to talk to deaf people. I think that's a good idea, Mommy.

We talked to the lady from the animal hospital where Dr. Dodge and Dr. Simon Kirk - who took care of me after I ate Mommy's inhaler - work. She gave Mommy a new poop bag holder, which we needed.

We talked to a nice man named Ralph, who gave me and Scout some new healthy food to try. Thanks Ralph! There were other people there from Pet Saver Super Store, our favorite pet store on earth.

I met some nice kittens but they were taking a nap in a cage.

The kitten lady gave me lots of love. She works for Habitat for Cats and they try to take care of cats who live in neighborhoods but don't really have any homes. They take them and spay or neuter them. Ouch. But it helps the cats not make such a giant mess in the neighborhood or have more kittens that don't get taken care of.

Just in case you didn't know, puppies are not supposed to jump up on the table to sniff the kittens. It makes them nervous.

Mommy talked for a while with Sherri Romig about stuff that could help Scout be not so scared without making him all drugged up.

Mommy also talked to the people at the Verona Street Shelter. Did you know that is part of the Rochester Police Department? I know someone on the police force! He is a police dog named Bandit! The shelter needs vounteers so Mommy says she is going to visit and see if she wants to volunteer there.

There was even a pet psychic lady there who knows stuff about you that you she isn't supposed to know, and then you pay her money and she tells you what she knows. She also helps people talk to dead spirits, which is kind of scary. I think she was faking, though, because she kept on calling me a girl. If she can't even tell the difference between a girl and a boy, I don't know how she can talk to dead spirits.

Mommy and Daddy had a lot of fun talking to Mary Ann and her husband. They are very, very funny and they have a pretty dog. Daddy took her picture but he forgot her name.

Mary Ann and her husband are thinking about getting another dog. If Scout was there, he would say, "Don't do it!" Hahaha! Be careful, Mary Ann! If you get another dog, it could turn out to be a stinker like me!

Actually, I was a very, very good boy at the Pet Expo. I didn't bark or bite or potty inside the building. OK, I did jump up on every table but they all had treats out for the puppies! If you don't want puppies to jump on tables, don't put out forty-leven biscuits for us to sniff.

Everyone was super nice at the Pet Expo and all of the dogs were really friendly, too. Well, except for one lady with her fluffy white sled dog. He sniffed me as I walked by, so I sniffed him back, and his mommy said to my Mommy, "You know, not all dogs are friendly," and she pulled her dog away from me.

Just in case you didn't know, if your dog is not friendly you should not bring it to the pet expo where there will be seventy-leven other dogs. In fact, if you are not a nice lady, you shouldn't have a dog at all.

Anyway, that was my adventure day. Scout was very sad we didn't take him with us, but we brought home lots of treats. He sniffed me all over and I guess that was enough for him. But I still think he would have had fun.


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Bocci said...

Poor Scout! Maybe he'll trade with Bandit on the next adventure.
Parental Unit got to got to a Pet Expo here in Columbus (without me!) and she brought home all kinds of treats and useful do-dads for pets.

P.S. Parental Unit cracked up at your line: If you're not a nice lady, you shouldn't have a dog at all-Ha!
Talk with you soon, Scout and Bandit!
Your buddy,

Anonymous said...

Hi, Bocci! You would have loved the pet expo. LOTS of treats. And some lawn guy even brought in some real grass in case you wanted to potty. HAHAHA!!! We would have had some fun!!

That cranky lady must have sat on a bug and it's still stuck you-know-where.

Love BANDIT!!!