Monday, May 17, 2010

Our fraidy dog adventure

So Scout was having a fraidy dog night because someone on the street was shooting off fireworks tonight. Scout didn't want to go outside to potty or anything. He just wanted to hide.

So Mommy thought we should go do something fun so Scout would forget about being scared. So she hooked up our leashes and put our Glo-balls in her jacket pocket and walked us to the park. For the second time today!

We played catch and then we played a new game called Mommy has the ball! Chase her! We were having a lot of fun.

And then the kids from the baseball game came out of the park and one of them started throwing rocks at a street sign and zoooom! Scout got scared and started running away to go home. Without me or Mommy!

Mommy yelled Scout! Stop! and he stopped. Mommy started to walk to get his leash. But right then the kid threw another stone and zoom! Scout was gone again. He ran so fast he got past the trees where Mommy couldn't see him anymore, right up the road. So she just started running fast to get him.

When Mommy got around the corner, a boy on crutches had Scout! The boy was out for a walk and saw Scout and heard Mommy yelling and he snagged the leash. Yay for the boy on crutches!!!

Mommy said Thank you! Thank you! And then Mommy realized that she'd left me back at the park! Oh no, where's Bandit?

But guess what? When Mommy started running away after Scout, I chased her, just like she taught me with the Chase the Mommy game. So when she got Scout and turned around, ta da! I was right there!

I'm a very good puppy.

So we walked back to the park and got our Glo-balls and then we walked home with the baseball kids. Because one of them is Jason who lives next door and we love him a lot. And he is not the one who scared Scout with the rocks on the sign.

The kids can't help it. Scout is a fraidy dog. You never know what might scare him silly. He is afraid of chickens, after all.

Anyway, we are home safe and sound and are getting ready for bed, all snuggled up safe with Mommy.


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