Monday, May 24, 2010

Mommy caught a bird inside a restaurant!

Mommy is a bird catching hero today! She went to meet her friend Robbi to have breakfast at Panera the bread place and while they were eating a bird flew by. Inside the restaurant!

Mommy laughed and laughed and laughed, but no one even tried to catch the bird. The bird flew into a window that wasn't near a door, and then he was sitting on the floor looking out trying to figure out how to get outside. There was a big man sitting right there and he got scared and moved away like a fraidy boy.

So Mommy took a bread basket and trapped the birdie and then reached in and took him out with her hands and carried him outside and let him go.

Everyone who worked there thanked Mommy, because they didn't know how to catch the bird. But no one offered to pay for her coffee.

Yay for Mommy! She learned how to catch birds by chasing chickens. That's another reason you should have chickens. That and eggs.


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David and Linda Curry said...

What a clever Mommy you have, Bandit! Someone should have bought her a coffee!

Anonymous said...

She's a pretty quick bird catcher! Me and Scout can't make her coffee so we just decided to be good pups last night and not breathe on her while she slept. That was just as good.