Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dog gets lost at Mexican airport

The news reported today that a man's dog got lost at an airport in Mexico when the man was flying to Canada.

The man put his puppy, whose name is Paco, into his puppy flying crate, gave him to the airplane people, and then poof! Paco got out and ran away! Right on the runways where the planes were!

The man and all of the people from the airplane looked for Paco. But they can't find him. Paco is missing in Mexico.

Poor puppy's daddy. He probably misses Paco a lot.

I bet that what happened is that Paco decided he didn't want to get stuffed into a box and packed in the stinky, noisy part of the airplane with the suitcases. So he opened up his crate and ran like the wind.

I wouldn't want to ride on the stinky part of the plane either. I would want to sit with Mommy in a regular seat and talk to the flight attendant and eat free peanuts and magazines and look out the window.

And I would not want to fly to Canada. I watch "Deadliest Catch." And I watched the Winter Olympics. I know how cold it is in Canada. Brrr. It is not a fun place for a little puppy, especially one without a lot of fur.

Maybe Paco met a girl puppy while he was on vacation in Mexico and he decided to stay with her instead of going back to Canada. Paco and his girlfriend are probably sitting on the beach lapping barkaritas and eating nachos.

They should send Paco's daddy a postcard so he knows his puppy is A-OK.


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