Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We are having a thunderstorm

Mommy says that we are having a big thunderstorm.

Just in case you didn't know, a thunderstorm is what happens when God decides to move furniture around in heaven, and he spills a big glass of water and it falls down on us.

Today, he must have spilled ice water, because first crunched up ice cubes like the ones Daddy puts in the soda at Schallers fell all down in our yard, and then lots and lots of water.

God made a lot of noise up there! It scares Scout when God moves furniture. He runs right to Mommy's office and hides under her chair. Murphy just sits and listens to the noise. I wanted to go outside and play but Mommy said it was to dangerous.

I think that's because sometimes God drops stuff up there and it makes a big, giant BOOM! and she's afraid something besides ice cubes and water will fall down on me.

God is almost finished moving furniture. Then we can go outside and play! Scout is supposed to go to school today but he is very, very scared so Mommy isn't sure he'll actually come out from under her desk.

Not me. I'm not afraid of anything!


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