Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bandit is attacked by a mouse

Mommy's computer in her office is run by gerbils, but the traveling computer is run by a mouse. Mommy holds the mouse in her hand and makes it walk all around and help her find stuff on the computer. I don't know if she has to feed it a lot of cheese to make it work. I think it just eats cookie crumbs.

Mommy's car is run by cats. I know that because when the car fixer man made the big noise go away he said now her car purrs like a kitten. But he said she needs to save some money to get her cat lick converter fixed. I don't know how cat kisses make her car go, but I guess that's how it works.

Anyway, today I was walking by the table and Mommy's computer mouse jumped off and tried to tie up my legs and then it bonked me on my head. And when I tried to run away it followed me and made a lot of noise.

It was very scary. And then it did the same thing to Scout!

Scout is usually a big fraidy dog, but after he got attacked by the computer mouse he went back to see Mommy. But I am staying far, far away from that mouse. It is not like the mouses I've seen in books I've eaten. I don't know if Murphy can make it go away but he said he would try.

Watch out for computer mouses. They are dangerous and tricky.


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