Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to Mommy!

Today is Mommy's birthday! Scout woke Mommy up with a snuggle. He was quiet. I barked the Happy Birthday song to her. The chickens laid her 5 eggs today!

Me and Scout had breakfast, Daddy went to go do work at the deer hunting farm, and Mommy went to Pastor Samme's church.

Then when Mommy came home, Grandma called and said Hey pups! Come on over and play water dog at my house! So we said Sure!!

Me and Scout and Mommy got in the car and went to Grandma's. Mommy sang songs the whole way and we stuck our noses out the window. Mommy does not sing very good but she does sing loud. It was a great day for a little road trip.

We played water dog at Grandma's while Mommy and Grandma played set up Grandma's Facebook. It's fun to play water dog at Grandma's because she has A LOT of grass and no dirt.

Grandma gave Mommy a whole bunch of new plastic containers and lids because I chewed up all the ones in the cupboard. And she also gave Mommy a pushing machine that chops up the grass but doesn't use any gas or make any noise.

Just in case you didn't know, puppies should NOT put their noses into the spinning parts of the pushing machine that chops grass. You could get your nose chopped right off and then you would never be able to smell when a cat was in your house.

Anyway, Daddy just came home and got Mommy a birthday pizza and Cassie might be coming home later. Me and Scout will probably play catch with Mommy later before we put her to bed with kisses and muddy paws on the sheets.

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Bark to you later!

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David and Linda Curry said...

Hey, What a coincidence! I just set up a Facebook page for my Step Mom today! She's so excited and can't wait to keep up with her family in NY while she's far away in Texas.

Keep your nose safe, Bandit. We wouldn't want any cats to get away with anything!

nancy said...

Dear Bandit,

Tell your Mommy "Happy Birthday!" and for her to think of me while I'm freezing to death in a tent on the side of a mountain in Colorado.

And keep your nose clean and on your body. That is for you, Bandit, not your Mommy.


Bocci said...

Happy Birthday to you, Scout and Bandit's Mommi!!!!!
Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

Your buddy,

Anonymous said...

Nancy, don't freeze to death! Quick! Get a puppy and snuggle up!! But make sure it's not a ghost puppy or he might pee in your sleeping bag.


Anonymous said...

Linda, guess what? Most of my puppy relatives on my father's side are from Texas!! Howdy, pardners!!

Love, BANDIT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bocci, we had a great day. Grandma's house is THE BEST place to be if you can't be at your own house. And sometimes even better!

Love BANDIT!!!