Monday, May 17, 2010

Mommy might volunteer at the city shelter

Mommy went out today and when she came home she smelled like dogs and cats that me and Scout don't know.

She explained that she went to the Rochester Animal Services, which is the animal care shelter for the city of Rochester, to see if she wants to volunteer there. That's how come she smelled like strange animals.

Just in case you didn't know, the Rochester Animal Services is sort of like Lollypop Farm, except it's part of the Rochester Police Department. They don't have a lot of money or stuff for animals, so they need a lot of volunteers and donations. That's what the Verona Street Animal Society does.

Mommy met a volunteer named Jane today. Jane plays with cats and kittens every day on her lunch hour from work. In fact, there were a couple of people there who spend their lunch hour walking dogs or mopping floors or petting kittens.

Mommy said the dogs that are available for adoption are sooo cute and sooo nice. (But not cuter than us!) She was surprised how nice they were!

Like a dog named Shasta who can't hear. She is a very special dog who needs special care. But Mommy said Shasta is very calm and likes to look into your eyes, so she thinks Shasta will be eager to learn how to talk to a new mommy or daddy.

All of the dogs were very friendly and liked people and really wanted to just go home.

One lady came just to see the puppies, and met one that was just getting back from a walk. She scrunched down and the puppy came over to her and put his head on her lap and said, "Please take me home."

Me and Scout talked it over and we decided it's OK to share our Mommy with puppies and kitties that are inbetween homes. It's only for a couple of hours a week. And we like that our Mommy has enough love to share with dogs who are inbetween families.

If you want to adopt a new puppy or dog or kitten or cat, go to the Rochester Animal Services and see what animals are looking for new families! Maybe one of them will pick you!


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