Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Goliath gets to visit Aunt Jackie in the hospital

Dear Goliath, Mommy says that you are allowed to visit your mommy Aunt Jackie while she is in the hosptial.

That's good! A warm puppy will help her feel better fast!

But you should know that the hospital is a dangerous place, especially for a little puppy like you. You could get stepped on or sat on or sucked up someone's breathing tube. So be careful.

Plus, one of the fish was murdered there this week, and then he was eaten by his friends. So don't trust the fish, no matter how friendly they act.

Anyway, I hope your mommy's lumpy blood gets fixed soon. While you are there, see if you can figure out what superpower they gave her.

Love your cousin,

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Anonymous said...

Bandit, your cousin is really small!

Anonymous said...

Scout says he's super little like a beanie baby. I haven't met him yet because Aunt Jackie won't bring him with her when she visits. Boo on that!