Monday, May 24, 2010

No dogs allowed at weddings

Boo on weddings. Mommy's Uncle Al and his love Roxanne - the dog washer!!!! - got married on Saturday and no dogs were allowed.

Roxanne said she would have let us come but I guess the wedding place doesn't want dogs there. You know, worms and germs and all.

But they do allow field mice, which I don't think is fair. One ran right across the dance floor when no one was looking except Daddy and the guitar man. Daddy said the mouse probably wasn't invited but I think he just didn't want to hurt our feelings.

But we got to see pictures! Roxanne looked beautiful and Uncle Al was handsome. It was very windy that day. Mommy said everyone had a doggone good time.

Boo on country clubs. They are puppy fun wreckers. We'll have to go to Roxanne and Uncle Al's house and chew stuff over there instead.


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