Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mommy is volunteering and Shasta needs a home

The volunteer lady from the animal shelter called Mommy last night and they want Mommy to volunteer.

Yay for Mommy!

Mommy said the lady was very nice and she asked if Mommy would be interested in working at the front desk and answering phones and filling out adoption papers. Mommy would like that a lot. And she still can walk and wash dogs and snuggle kitties, too!

Now Mommy has to go to something called orientation class where they will teach her how to volunteer.

And guess what? The dog Mommy fell in love with  when she was visiting is still there. Daddy said NO MORE DOGS, so Mommy wants to help find a good home for this dog.

Her name is Shasta and she is 8 months old and she is a love puppy. And she is deaf. So she needs a home where her family will be able to work with her and take her to training classes. But Mommy said she is soooo nice and sooo sweet and she thinks Shasta will learn fast how to tell her family she loves them and sit, stay and lie down.

Shasta is a lab, retriever, terrier mix - yay for mutts!! If Daddy would let us take her Mommy would bring her home until she could find a family. You should go see Shasta if you want a dog!!


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